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Journal Importing & jscript handling of Error Messages

Hold on to your seats, today I am going to talk about something that actually has a use. So our Accounting Manager worked in a company that had modified MoveX extensively and they had some nice functionality. One of these … Continue reading

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Excel & Populating Values in to Multi-Panel Sequences

So, I was wondering if it was possible to read values off an Excel spreadsheet and use those values to create an order and add an order line. In short – but of-course! 🙂 Though Smart Office provides functionality natively … Continue reading

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The RequestCompleted event is really quite nifty, it provides some quite useful events. The subscribed events has an argument with an object of RequestEventArgs, this has two very useful members. CommandType and CommandValue. CommandType is defined in the static object … Continue reading

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Inconsistent Behaviour & Odds and Sods – Trouble In Paradise

Without belabouring the point, Smart Office rocks, but some things about it are immensely frustrating…ok, ok, the actual immensely frustrating part was troubleshooting the problem when my phone line has an intermittent fault – dumping my ADSL connection – frequently. … Continue reading

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Programmatically Scrolling Through Lists in M3 Part III

Well, this is the third instalment in this little tale – proof that the time spent blogging about some of this stuff can yield good feedback that helps me solve my problems. Tonight is a night of credit where credit … Continue reading

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