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Journal Importing From Excel & jscript Handling of Error Messages Part II

So, much of what I post here is a rough cut, experimental before sitting down and have the users test, but here’s some final code. For more details and background on the code, please see the previous incarnation. This … Continue reading

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Using Visual Studio for Editing

Though the Script Tool in Smart Office is useful, however it is pretty cumbersome when you have more than a couple of pages of code. To that end I turned to Visual Studio 2010 – Visual Studio supports jscript however … Continue reading

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Suggestions or Questions

Please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions on topics to look at.  Can’t make any promises I have an answer, but it is interesting to see the problems and approaches different people take. One of my next posting will … Continue reading

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Some More Improvements to Resizing and Reclaiming Dead Space

In a previous posting I mentioned that we had a modification around MMS121 so we could simplify panel down for staff who use our forklifts. (, it did however turn out that some of the assumptions that I made meant … Continue reading

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Validating Bank Account Details – Cancelling the Save

For reasons that I am not going to go in to, oh wait, yeah I am 🙂 we needed to do some basic validation against back account details (CRS692/E) added in to M3. We store our supplier bank account numbers … Continue reading

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