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Modification Removal – MMS100 – Barcoding

This is another post around the removal of modifications. This post really discusses the changes to a panel to streamline it for some very specific uses, includes error monitoring, supressing the F4 browse, hiding, moving, and adding fields. The Problem … Continue reading

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Modification Removal – Freecap In OIS101 – BackgroundWorker and Adding Columns

In this post I will be rather wordy, as it marks a turning point – the realisation of a dream 😉 If you want to avoid some of the excessive chatter I’ve divided this in to sections so you can … Continue reading

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Extracting the Error Message

It’s been a while since my last meaningful post – I’ve been tied up with our DR Project (but working with some pretty funky technologies – I like Virtualisation, but now that I have been working with a Veeam Backup … Continue reading

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