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The Poormans M3 Monitoring Part 2 – the AUTOJOBS!

Back in the dim dark past, before IFLs M3 install became gridified I had set up Nagios (an open source monitoring tool) to check the autojobs – this would verify that the autojobs had a status of OK and it … Continue reading

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The Poormans M3 Monitoring – Powershell and REST

Todays post is about the poor mans M3 monitoring, I want to demonstrate that with existing tools you can quickly and easily get emailed notifications if any of your grid applications go offline. You don’t need to install anything for … Continue reading

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MWS Designer – Installation and Basic Usage

Over the years I’ve seen a number of people whose environments aren’t configured correctly and don’t have MWS Designer installed correctly. This post is to run through the setup and creating some webservices. I deliberately haven’t gone in to detail … Continue reading

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ADFS Installation Heads Up

Just a wee heads up for rookies like me using ADFS with Mingle. When installing ADFS, make sure that the server name for the Windows server you install ADFS on is different to the Federation Service name.

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Grid Environment Consistency

Today I’m going to talk about something a little different. Grid Environment Consistency – have you ever been in the situation where you have other people messing^w errr…tweaking with the settings of the various grid applications leading to inconsistencies between … Continue reading

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