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The Case of – the Long Processing Enterprise Collaborator Map

When I was young I started playing around with 68000 assembly, I was absolutely obsessed with squeezing every last byte out of my code and optimising it as much as I could, spending hours to get that extra few bytes … Continue reading

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on refactoring some extensions. A couple of these have been XtendM3 extensions and I thought I’d share some of my experiences. For those of you that haven’t come across XtendM3 before, it … Continue reading

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Some of you will have noticed a few changes recently…a new font for the site 🙂 And a new domain…and the purpose of this post – a page which will take you to some development forums ( For quite some … Continue reading

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Smart Office Settings

A little heads up – M3 UI Adapter moves much of the mne\ directories into either a Postgres or MS SQL database. Looks like the JScripts move in to the database too. See the ISOAG_10.2.1_W.pdf (Smart Office Admin guide … Continue reading

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Mashup SDK

A little heads up – if you have licenses for the Mashup Designer, the Mashup Designer SDK is available from the download portal. (Technology -> Infor User Experience -> Infor Mashup Designer) It’s also worth noting that the Smart Office … Continue reading

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H5 Client Scripting – First Look

Infor provide the H5 client as a cross platform client to the M3 BE, recently I came across a document that provides a starting point for creating scripts like you do in Smart Office – this is a bit of … Continue reading

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TXS150 – the Dread Tax Panel

I like Canada. I like Canadians, but well with the change in behaviour in M3 13.2 (aka 15.1.2) to accommodate tax changes has made staff grumpy, which has made me grumpy, which means I’m not happy with Canada J In … Continue reading

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2014 Jaunt – Sweden/Iceland

It’s been a wee while since my last post and there are several posts of code, hints and tips that I am prepping to post over the next couple of months but before I do that… To mark the end … Continue reading

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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish?

This post is a little more self-indulgent than usual and has 0 technical content – you have been warned 🙂

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Upgrading from Smart Office to

I like shiny new things. Apparently I’m attracted to flashing lights aswell, which explains the working in IT. FWIW, in my mind, I was justifying the use of .Net4.5 and access to the new parallelism functionality that is available. Because … Continue reading

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