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Total Selected Rows – Jscript to Javascript – H5 Revisited

IFL has been running 13.4 for some months now, and given what’s not being said about Smart Office in a couple of the conferences earlier this year, I felt it was time to investigate migrating scripts to H5. Previously, I … Continue reading

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H5 – Requesting, Requested, RequestCompleted Events

Recently a customer tasked me with creating some scripts – the kicker, they wanted both Smart Office and H5 versions of the scripts. The original scope for the scripts was pretty simple, so creating them wasn’t an issue – but … Continue reading

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M3 API Calls with the H5 Client

Like any kid with a new toy, I find it a little hard to resist having a play – so this evening I decided that I would expand my mind with research and experimentation… J I had a quick look … Continue reading

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