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Virtual Fields and Time

I’ve been working on a project recently where we create a relationship between records in MWS070 and other data without code. One of the key fields is the RGTM, the record time. If you look at RGTM in MWS070 then … Continue reading

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M3 Business Engine and Grid Monitoring

A wee while ago I posted about some monitoring scripts that I wrote which also provide trending – but I was pretty slack and never got around to posting them, here they are. 🙂 This is a little light on … Continue reading

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Usernames and the Beauty of LDAP

  As part of a project to standardise our network I’ve needed to change our authentication source from Novells eDirectory to Microsofts Active Directory and along with this change, standardise our user naming scheme. There are a number of challenges … Continue reading

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H5 – Requesting, Requested, RequestCompleted Events

Recently a customer tasked me with creating some scripts – the kicker, they wanted both Smart Office and H5 versions of the scripts. The original scope for the scripts was pretty simple, so creating them wasn’t an issue – but … Continue reading

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