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Mashups, SOAP WebServices and SAML

Many years ago I created a little Mashup that called a MWS SOAP WebService to return invoices for a supplier on a specific day. More recently IFL updated to 13.4, and as part of the 13.4 upgrade we moved to … Continue reading

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Mashups, WebServices and Variable Substitution

So in my last post I was talking about my next wee experiment. Using a Mashup with a WebService and supplying the parameters for the WebService. Initially I was thinking that this wouldn’t be an issue at all especially when … Continue reading

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Mashups: Orders for a Customer – Sorting on the Order Number

As per usual, lots of excuses for not posting in a while. I’ve recently managed to free up some time to start thinking about M3, JScripts and some of the new shinys that we purchased last year, namely Mashups, LES … Continue reading

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