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Send BOD to IMS

This is probably the longest time that I’ve had a post that I’ve started (in July) but haven’t finished…but it looks like we’ve finally made it 🙂 Over the last 18 months there have been several times when I’ve wanted … Continue reading

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EVS100 – Loading Data in to M3

For those of us that used to use MDIWS or other such tools, you’ll know that as of November 2020 certificate based authentication to the M3BE APIs was finally shutdown, this has put an end to several tools that people … Continue reading

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The Case of ___ERROR___ in your Configurable XML Output Field (in MWS435PF)

Recently I was involved with a project where the customer was having some issues where they had added some fields to MWS435PF. They added OACUOR from the OOHEAD table and whenever they ran the report they would get a message … Continue reading

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