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Inforum 2012

Flights booked, all signed up for Inforum and then off to Moab for some mountain biking before a quick road trip to San-Fran 🙂

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So What Happens when you Hit that Compile Button?

After winding down from upgrading one of our primary servers to VMware 5, I thought I’d have a little look at seeing if I could figure out how to use delegates in a Jscript when I came across a very … Continue reading

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Writing Non-Standard Characters – Re: Serial Communications

So, in my previous blog post I mentioned a friend was looking at reading some data over the serial port from a set of scales. He did however come up against a small problem, the scales needed to be set … Continue reading

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JScripts and Serial Communications – Scales

Ah, the joys of trying to catch up on over 12 months of patching and upgrading servers, sadly between it and working through the finer details of our DR Plan there has been very little time for me to really … Continue reading

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