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Dispatcher to Submit Keypresses from the Init() or Using Action() in JScripts

Over the years I’ve used a variety of methods to call things like PageDown from within my scripts, some more pretty than others. You would think that in the Init() you can just call controller.PageDown() and all is good in … Continue reading

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Filtering and ListViews – PositionFields

I have a project that I am working on which involves the need to set the ListView filter fields. Back when I was much younger and far more naïve 🙂 I would brute force my want to locate the control … Continue reading

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Bulk Load APIs in 13.4

Another heads up. In 13.4 a bulk load API was introduced – so instead of having to send single transactions in a REST call, we can send multiple transactions. KB: 1831472 “M3 Foundation Integration Guide for Developers” has an attached … Continue reading

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IES – Search Queries De-mystified

Enterprise Search – the much lauded but often horribly misunderstood ‘google for M3’. I thought I had penned a post around IES and some fantastic information I had been provided via support by one of Infors staff when trying to … Continue reading

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How We Did It – DR and M3

Recently I was asked about Disaster Recovery and M3. And though I haven’t really embarked on discovery of how companies handle M3 and DR I do hear people say they struggle with the changing of IP Addresses. Which prompts a, … Continue reading

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Event Analytics – And Slight More Complex Email Notifications

Last month I posted about how to create basic email alerts fired from Event Base Alerts ( Which is nice and lightweight and all contained within the M3BE. However it is pretty limited with only three different filters that you … Continue reading

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Adding Fields to a Panel and the Customer Extension Table

I’m waiting for a database export when it occurred to me that I haven’t discussed the Customer Extension table which is really terrible as I’ve been using it for quite a while and it is awesome! The customer extension table … Continue reading

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