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Filtering and ListViews – PositionFields

I have a project that I am working on which involves the need to set the ListView filter fields. Back when I was much younger and far more naïve 🙂 I would brute force my want to locate the control … Continue reading

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Bulk Load APIs in 13.4

Another heads up. In 13.4 a bulk load API was introduced – so instead of having to send single transactions in a REST call, we can send multiple transactions. KB: 1831472 “M3 Foundation Integration Guide for Developers” has an attached … Continue reading

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Adding Fields to a Panel and the Customer Extension Table

I’m waiting for a database export when it occurred to me that I haven’t discussed the Customer Extension table which is really terrible as I’ve been using it for quite a while and it is awesome! The customer extension table … Continue reading

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Extracting Data from M3 via the APIs

There are many ways to extract data from the APIs in M3, but often you need information that isn’t provided via the native APIs or the native APIs purely don’t exist for the table you want to query. But over … Continue reading

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Simple Move Control Script

Here’s a quick and easy script to simply move a control on the panel, it takes the control name and new positions as the arguments.

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Heads Up – Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Smart Office JScripts

Microsoft has recently started rolling out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – which is great, however it does cause an issue with Smart Office and JScripts. Smart Office will download the .js from the server, it will go through some … Continue reading

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A while ago I was looking at standardising some of the debugging information applications I wrote would output, and on a reasonably regular basis I’d want to verify data my code was passing to APIs, especially if there was an … Continue reading

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Vanilla M3 – at last!

IFL have shed the shackles of modifications. We have been mod free for nearly two weeks with no issues.

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M3 UI Adapter 10.3 – Jscripts directory and personalisations have moved

I was at the M3 User Group biannual conference in Australia last month and I was told about an interesting change to how JScripts were handled. The comment was that under the new M3 UI Adapter, copying scripts in to … Continue reading

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Adding Security to your Development

How do you secure the larger stand-alone developments that run within Smart Office?  This is a question that I have had to ask on some developments.  Because your development isn’t native M3 code you can’t secure it through the traditional SES400 or SES003 … Continue reading

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