Reflection and Trying to Figure Out What is Exposed

Updated to clean up formatting of code

So, I was struggling to find the property in the ListViewItem to get the contents of a particular column.

Queue Reflection.

I wrote a quick little function which will iterate through an object and display a message box with the methods and properties that object has.

import System.Reflection;

public function displayMemeberInfo(objCurr: Object)
  if(null != objCurr)
   var myMemberInfo : MemberInfo[]; var myType, str;
   myType = objCurr.GetType();
   myMemberInfo = myType.GetMembers();
   if(null != myMemberInfo)
    for(var i = 0; i < myMemberInfo.length; i++)
str += myMemberInfo[i].Name + ": " + myMemberInfo[i].MemberType.ToString() + "\n";
MessageBox.Show("Exception: displayMemeberInfo()" + ex.Message);

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