Suggestions or Questions

Please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions on topics to look at.  Can’t make any promises I have an answer, but it is interesting to see the problems and approaches different people take.

One of my next posting will be around some refinements that I have made to the GLS100 Journal Import from Excel which came about through user testing and a couple of DOH! moments.

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5 Responses to Suggestions or Questions

  1. Patrick Weiss says:

    I have a JScript where the “action” should only be started when I really leave a panel without any errors or warning.
    I make some tests with controller.add_RequestCompleted(OnRequestCompleted); but it doesn’t really work 😦
    Have you a good trick or solution ?


    • potatoit says:

      Hi Patrick,

      yes, infact I do. The current script I have been playing with – Budget Importing on BUS100 has some ‘cleanup’ code which executes in OnRequestCompleted() when the panel is closed. It looks something like this:

      if(null != giicInstanceController.Response)
      if(0 == String.Compare(giicInstanceController.Response.Request.RequestType.ToString(), "Panel"))
      if((MNEProtocol.CommandTypeKey == giicInstanceController.Response.Request.CommandType) && (MNEProtocol.KeyF03 == giicInstanceController.Response.Request.CommandValue))
      System.IO.File.AppendAllText("C:\\Temp\\BUS100.txt", DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss") + " OnRequestCompleted: About to CleanUp()" + Environment.NewLine);
      System.IO.File.AppendAllText("C:\\Temp\\BUS100.txt", DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd HH:mm:ss") + " OnRequestCompleted: We've called CleanUp()" + Environment.NewLine);

      I’m hoping to clean up this particular example this weekend to post.


  2. George Esperanza says:

    Is it possible in Mashup to enable a button during ListPanel CurrentItemChanged event? Can you provide an example? In my mashup the button is disabled (IsEnabled=False) by default and I need to enable the button once a record from ListPanel is selected.


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