Upcoming Goodies

Well, I finally have work back to well, not normal but working…so that frees up brain cycles and weekends to see what else we can do with Smart Office.

Upcoming topics that I intend to tackle:
* Graphical breakdown of the Smart Office Canvas and the common names that are used and where (so the controls that are named PART_ which I often use to delimit searches for specific controls)
* Financial Budget uploads – don’t you hate that distribution curve, I know my users do πŸ™‚
* Seeing if we can use data bindings, especially to extract external data and add columns
* Using WebServices & jscripts

The later will lay the ambitious foundations to determine the viability of removing a number of modifications we have which record additional order information – so conceptually we will create a little application which will sit on a server and listen for SOAP connections from jscript, the data received will then be verified and written out to a database. Smart Office will have a button which will create a new Window, or possibly overlay a new Grid over an existing window and present a totally customised set of controls to record the information.

Exciting times! πŸ˜€

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