30K & Inforum 2013

Well, 30,000 views has been and gone – a nice milesone šŸ™‚

I’m just on the first leg of my journey home to Christchurch, NZ from Orlando, USA after attending Inforum 2013.

And, I must say that I am quite impressed with what I saw, especially the enthusiasm of some of the Infor staff. Last year felt like we had a lot of promises, this year saw the delivery on many of them. ION being the centerpoint underpinning several of these technologies.

One technology that they thrashed was Ming.le Social (and I really mean thrashed) – kinda reminds me a lot of a Google Wave for business.

The new version of Smart Office looks very nice and is built upon .Net 4.5 (so that should mean we get access to some of the nifty parallel computing commands like await!), looking forward to getting my hands on it and seeing what we can get it to do. The new H5 client looks like it is coming along nicely too with Mashups being delivered to the thin client in a pretty slick fashion. Some nice new stuff coming out in Enterprise Search too.

One of the great things about events about this is the gems – a nice wee offhand comment about using a technology in a slightly non-conventional way to streamline a process. One of the really nice ones that I walked away with was about using Event Hub to trigger an action which caused MeC to create a new order based on the data from the event the triggered MeC.
It is the gems that are key; people talking about how they have thought outside the box, providing food for thought, kindling the thought processes.
I tend to come away from these events charged, enthusiastic about technologies and what they promise to deliver.

And thanks to the Inforum staff member who picked who I was and shook my hand – I was rather taken aback, but you put a broad smile on my face for the rest of the day with your comments (sorry I didn’t get your name) šŸ™‚

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