H5 Client Scripting – First Look

Infor provide the H5 client as a cross platform client to the M3 BE, recently I came across a document that provides a starting point for creating scripts like you do in Smart Office – this is a bit of a rough brain dump on my initial observations.

First things first – you will need to be running the enterprise client which allows you to have personalisations and also allows you to run browsers other than IE. On the wee splash screen when you start the H5 client after you have authenticated you should see “Enterprise” as you see below.

If you don’t then check that you have the H5 Client Enterprise installed – in LCM you should see something like this:

Beyond that you need to ensure that rights have been assigned to your users to get access to the Enterprise features

Second thing is that I couldn’t make the scripting work until the M3 UI Adapter and M3 H5 Client Enterprise were at version 10.2.2.x. The eagled eyed will notice in my screenshot above that my H5 Client Enterprise shows V10., but if we go to Admin -> Upload Products

We can see that the version of the H5 Client Enterprise uses a .gar which is

Being at 10.2.2.x also allows you to add scripts and personalisations through the H5 client directly (pre 10.2.2, you didn’t have the option).

The Script file location is different from our normal JScripts we use the \mne\scripts directory

And we end up with the usual suspects as samples in the scripts directory

H5 Scripts and traditional Smart Office Scripts are separated in the personalisation file

It’s worth mentioning that there is an editor in the H5 client which allows you to edit the user personalisation files without having to get access to the file system (in the H5 client -> Administration Tools -> Customizations)

You can even upload/edit Smart Office JScripts – but not the H5 scripts – though we should see that soon.

Testing to make sure it all works…

I’m just going to use the ScriptTester script against OIS300. With MUA 10.2.2 we get the personalisation menu

which gives us access to the Scripts. Selecting Scripts we see exactly what we would expect with Smart Office, and can add the ScriptTester

We save and then refresh the page and we get our popup message.

One of the really nice things you can do with the H5 client is turn on the developer tools in your browser and look at the code of the page. This provides some good clues as to how to get information.

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6 Responses to H5 Client Scripting – First Look

  1. Ahmed Kouta says:

    I need to know how to trigger IPA workflow from H5 Client by jscript

    • potatoit says:

      No idea sorry. Maybe someone else can chime in.

      The first thing that springs to mind though, is IPA supported by the H5 client?

      • Ahmed Kouta says:

        Thanks a lot for your reply, I know that it’s no inbasket at H5 client but at least I need to trigger my workflow from jscript at H5 just for triggering.

  2. LarsOsca says:

    Does anyone know how to assign a script to all or a group of users?

    • potatoit says:

      Under recent versions of the M3UI Adapter and Smart Office you can apply personalisations to roles – so you should be able to apply scripts to a role.

      Likewise, you can apply a script/personalisation to all users by copying the personalisation with the script to the global_customizations.

  3. priyanthahet says:

    Hi ,

    May I know , how can I capture m3 error message using m3 h5 personalization script .

    Thank you

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