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How We Did It – DR and M3

Recently I was asked about Disaster Recovery and M3. And though I haven’t really embarked on discovery of how companies handle M3 and DR I do hear people say they struggle with the changing of IP Addresses. Which prompts a, … Continue reading

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Event Analytics – And Slight More Complex Email Notifications

Last month I posted about how to create basic email alerts fired from Event Base Alerts ( Which is nice and lightweight and all contained within the M3BE. However it is pretty limited with only three different filters that you … Continue reading

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Adding Fields to a Panel and the Customer Extension Table

I’m waiting for a database export when it occurred to me that I haven’t discussed the Customer Extension table which is really terrible as I’ve been using it for quite a while and it is awesome! The customer extension table … Continue reading

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Extracting Data from M3 via the APIs

There are many ways to extract data from the APIs in M3, but often you need information that isn’t provided via the native APIs or the native APIs purely don’t exist for the table you want to query. But over … Continue reading

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Basic Email Alerts / Event Based Alerts

Something that I don’t see talked about very often is the Event Based Alerts built in to M3, it’s a cheap, quick and easy way to notify people that something happened within M3. We of-course have the options of using … Continue reading

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Simple Move Control Script

Here’s a quick and easy script to simply move a control on the panel, it takes the control name and new positions as the arguments.

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Heads Up – Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Smart Office JScripts

Microsoft has recently started rolling out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update – which is great, however it does cause an issue with Smart Office and JScripts. Smart Office will download the .js from the server, it will go through some … Continue reading

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A while ago I was looking at standardising some of the debugging information applications I wrote would output, and on a reasonably regular basis I’d want to verify data my code was passing to APIs, especially if there was an … Continue reading

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Virtual Fields and Time

I’ve been working on a project recently where we create a relationship between records in MWS070 and other data without code. One of the key fields is the RGTM, the record time. If you look at RGTM in MWS070 then … Continue reading

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M3 Business Engine and Grid Monitoring

A wee while ago I posted about some monitoring scripts that I wrote which also provide trending – but I was pretty slack and never got around to posting them, here they are. 🙂 This is a little light on … Continue reading

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