Getting Those Assemblies to develop against multiple versions of Smart Office

Sometimes you’re developing against multiple versions of Smart Office and on the odd occasion you get errors if you are using different assemblies to those that Smart Office uses. I have had this on a couple of occasions and most recently where Smart Office 10.2.x was deployed but my project had been running 10.1.x assemblies and it threw an odd error.

You have two options – grab the SDK if you have access to it for that version (which creates other problems) or

  1. launch a normal Smart Office (not the developer instance) you are working against
  2. open Task Manager (right click on an empty section of the StartBar -> Task Manager).
  3. Right click on the Smart Office instance and select “Open file location”
  4. And now we have assembly goodness
  5. Copy the .dll assemblies to a convenient location (eg. <drive>:\LSO10.\Bin)
  6. In Visual Studio, Right Click on your project and select Properties
  7. Select Reference Paths
  8. And enter the folder you copied the assemblies in to (in the screenshot above, this is actually the SDK assemblies I copied – but this works if you are developing a C# compiled assembly aswell)

Doing this will also help get around some style errors.

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