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Earlier this month I was in Stockholm, Sweden and had the privilege of meeting Fredrik, Karin and Peter from Infor – it was great to meet face to face with some of the contributors to the Smart Office Blog and hear a bit about some of the challenges they face in giving us the tools to streamline our business processes. We had a really good discussion about Smart Office and I thought I’d share a few of the things that they told me about.

Log Viewer Widget

In later versions of Smart Office there is a Log Viewer widget – this handy little widget provides real-time updates of what is written to the log – you can also set a filter on it so you only see events that you want to see in real-time. It’s invaluable to the development process.

Debug and writing to the Smart Office logs

I, like many others muck around getting the log4net handle so we can log messages to the Smart Office logs. As it turns out the debug object in the Init() method was extended so we could use it to log to the Smart Office logs.

Here we can see the Script Tool – the Log Viewer and the Log Viewer Widget.

And these are the options:

So I often change the Origin to the name of the script I am working with do filter the events.


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