M3-API-WS under M3 15.2

Though you don’t see me talking much about the M3 REST services (mainly because the meta-data was broken when I first went to play with them), they are there and they are very handy and I actually used them with a 3PL application I developed for my old employer.

I have a customer embarking upon an Upgrade-X project, and in the process of validating I noticed that the M3-API-WS was missing

It turns out that it has moved in to the BE

But that’s not the kewl thing. If we go to its Grid Management Pages -> API Repository we get descriptions!

And if we click on a MI program it gets even better


And still, more details :-O

Credit to the developers for adding this information!

I don’t know how many hours in frustration I’ve spent dealing with the APIs.

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3 Responses to M3-API-WS under M3 15.2

  1. karinpb says:

    This information has always been part of the M3 API Toolkit. Both as a CGI web application and a Windows HTML Help file. But as of BE 13.2 it is also available in the server view / management pages – which makes it much easier to find 🙂

    • potatoit says:

      My bad. I was pretty sure the last time I looked at the API toolkit (and it’s been a very long time) the information was very basic but may not have looked all that hard.

      I need to pay more attention, especially when there are updates 😉

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