IES – Search Queries De-mystified

Enterprise Search – the much lauded but often horribly misunderstood ‘google for M3’. I thought I had penned a post around IES and some fantastic information I had been provided via support by one of Infors staff when trying to track down why IES was not returning the results I had expected, but though started, it never got finished.

Roll on to this morning where I got an email informing me that there was a new document (KB: 1687355) on M3 Search examples, this is a PowerPoint with a lot of fantastic detail! Kudos Infor! Thank you Magnus for the heads up!

Link below for convenience:


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3 Responses to IES – Search Queries De-mystified

  1. Oh, it looks like we got the same note at the same time.

  2. That link seems to be broken. Do you have that PPT or otherwise any guide on search query syntax? I am wondering if it can do something like “order by lastmodified descending” to get recent changes to products.

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