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Simple Move Control Script

Here’s a quick and easy script to simply move a control on the panel, it takes the control name and new positions as the arguments.

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Usernames and the Beauty of LDAP

  As part of a project to standardise our network I’ve needed to change our authentication source from Novells eDirectory to Microsofts Active Directory and along with this change, standardise our user naming scheme. There are a number of challenges … Continue reading

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Vanilla M3 – at last!

IFL have shed the shackles of modifications. We have been mod free for nearly two weeks with no issues.

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What on earth is Smart Cache? Though we never SQL data in to the database, some of you may have come across instances where you are err… directly updating the database with your favourite tool, and yet nothing changes in … Continue reading

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WebService Dataload

There are times when you want to bulk load data, especially if you are doing significant process changes or new customer installs, unfortunately there aren’t really any generic bulk load tools that I’ve come across that are…um…free or don’t offend … Continue reading

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When I was a kid, I had an Amiga 500 – and I absolutely loved watching demos, especially when they had starfields…I saw the evolution of simple parallax starfields out to more complex starfields that you would fly through and … Continue reading

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The Poormans M3 Monitoring Part 2 – the AUTOJOBS!

Back in the dim dark past, before IFLs M3 install became gridified I had set up Nagios (an open source monitoring tool) to check the autojobs – this would verify that the autojobs had a status of OK and it … Continue reading

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